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Alchemy Eye supports plugin architecture. Plugins extend the program's functionality by implementing custom monitoring types or custom types of server malfunction alerts. To install a plugin please:

  • Download it from our site
  • Create a subdirectory in the \Plugins\ folder in the program's home folder
  • UnZIP plugin files into this subdirectory
  • Restart both Alchemy Eye Server and Client modules

If the list of plugins below do not contain the function you need, we can probably develop it for you at a reasonable per-hour rate. Please check out our custom development section.

Monitoring Plugins

UNIX Monitor Plugin: Monitors *NIX systems
SSH SFTP/SCP plugin: Monitors secure FTP servers
CPU Load Monitor: Monitors remote PC CPU load
IP Watcher: Alerts if IP address changes
Process Monitor Plugin: Monitors processes on remote PCs
Performance Monitor: Monitors remote PCs CPU and memory
MailBox Monitor: Monitors mailbox size
Printer Queue Monitor
SNMP Monitor
Printer Monitor
CRC32 Monitoring: Checks that a file didn't change
Advanced File Existence

Alerting Plugins

PageGate: Send SMS or pager alerts
Siemens SMS PLugin: Sends SMS alerts
Process Control Plugin: Controls processes on remote PCs
MAPI Plugin: Sends MAPI alerts
Alchemy Alert Plugin: Sends SMS alerts
Nokia SMS Plugin: Sends SMS alerts
LanTalk XP: Receive alerts from Alchemy Eye

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